A Data Scientist’s take on defending Machine Learning models

source: https://pasadenaweekly.com/permanent-record-is-accused-spy-edward-snowdens-defense-brief-to-the-american-people/


I’ve recently read Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record during my holiday. I think it is a great book that I highly recommend for basically anyone, however it is particularly interesting for IT-folks for the obvious reasons. It is a great story about a guy growing up together with the internet, starts…

Part II — Case Study

Natural Language Processing is a catchy phrase these days

This is Part 2 of a pair of tutorials on text pre-processing in python. In the first part, I laid out the theoretical foundations. In this second part, I’ll demonstrate the steps described in Part 1 in python on texts in different languages while discussing their differing effect arising from different structures of languages.

If you haven’t, you should first read Part 1!


In the first part, I outlined text pre-processing principles based on a framework from an academic article. The underlying goal of all these techniques was to reduce text data dimensionality but keep the…

A vector map of Budapest. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/black-white-vector-city-map-budapest-1035519106

A map of Budapest. Source: https://hebstreits.com/product/budapest-hungary-downtown-vector-map/

Mor Kapronczay

ML&NLP Engineer @ Bold360AI. Text mining and predictive statistics enthusiast.

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